• Welcome to Manch Society

    Welcome to Manch Society

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    MANCH provides vocational training to low –literate youth in computers, beauty culture sweing cutting and tailoring and fashion designing so that they can earn dependable livelihood and finally break the cycle of poverty. Manch provides vocational training for low-litreate poor young youth especially girls to make them financially indipendent while providing for a choice of lifestyles. MANCH offers courses in computer training , beauty culture, cutting, sewing and tailolring  and English.

    Girls who want more flexibility can become freelance beauticians or open an in-home tailoring service. Computer courses provides government –backed certificates and Manch placement facilities for the successful candidates.Our organisation is dedicated to work for the overall improvement of girls including education, sanitation, health, etc.    The youth in India is its untapped potential. One in every third person in the country is a youngster below the age of 24 , yet most lack any formal explosure to skill development. Youth constitute a larg chunk of the Indian workforce, yet 80% doesn’t possess any marketable skills. Youngsters living in underprivileged communities slack employment opportunities and the chance to train themselves with the skills needed to pave the way for better employment. Such potential should not be wasted. Vocational education enables students meet the demand of a working environment.