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    (RAHA – right approach towards HIV/AIDS)

    According to NACO (National Aids Control Organization of India ) the prevalence of AIDS in India in 2015 was0.26% which is down from 0.41 in 2002.The last decade has seen 50% decline in the number of new HIV infection, according to more recent NACO data India has demonstrated an overall reduction of 57% in estimated annual new HIV infections (among adult population)from 0.274 million in 2000 to 0.116 million in 2011 and the estimated number of peoole living with HIV was 2.08 in 2011.

    MANCH is a implementing partner of  DSACS (Delhi state AIDS control socity) working for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and accessibility of treatment and medicines. Population which are at higher risk of HIV are defined as key population. In India , the key population are:

    • Female Sex Workers
    • Men having Sex with Men
    • Injecting Drug Users
    • Transgenders/Hijra popullation

    MANCH is working for the FSW’s(targeted population) in Delhi. Working with the marginalized groups facing severe stigma and violence is challenging. Three fundamental beliefs that are critical to the success of this program are; first, MANCH  believes in a right to health based approach to ensure that FSW’s fundamental right to health services to prevent HIV/AIDS and avail related services are not violated. Second, as this group is marginalized and often hidden, the community (of FSW’S) should play a central role in the program. Third, that unsafe sex practices are driven to a large extent by structural issues such as violence, stigma and economic vulnerability. it is important to address HIV related issues. We at MANCH try to ensure that grassroots Level FSW’s take active role in implementation, monitoring and monitoring and governing the program.

    Empower Female Sex Worker communities who respond to their needs and challenges through comprehensive program which builds community institution and achieves prevention of STI