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    What could be more intelligent than mixing entertainment with an attempt to change the society?

    Street theater has always been an integral part of our organisation, street theater has always been a significant feature in the lives of rural communities as the only source of entertainment especially utilised as a n awareness raising and development tool by civil society and development organisations. In recent years street theater has picked up pace and has acquired an image of a more moral nature with just the right kind of fun.

    “NUKKAD NATAKS” are one of the very important tool which is used by us, it is the best way to connect with the common man and the youth . these are much intimate, brief, direct to address the social message head-on with the help of drama, the catchy phrases and songs , crisp script, humor and loudness help inmaking a long lasting and powerful effect on viewers. These plays if targeted towards positive change. Nukkad nataks are an important tool in creating awareness, empowering the youth and utilizing our right to freedom of speech and expression positively. This colloquial form of drama connects with the youth instantly. The lack of properness and formal atmosphere adds to its appeal and gives it a real lifelike look.  It not only enlightens people but gives us, the citizens to voice our opinion too. This enthusiasm if used in the correct manner can lead to drastic changes in our society. Changes we wish for. Changes that make us blame the government for mishandling the affairs concerning our nation. It’s all up in our head-right in our brain- the change. Changes in society does not mean only having enough capital for putting up street lights for women’s safety but it is about thinking or better, having the attitude of not adding to the problem and helping people mitigating the situation. Change in society comes with the change in the mindset of the people and street plays can rightly achieve that goal.

    As youth is a country’s tomorrow, making them the target audience is a great idea for bringing about a change. Hence, issues that parents miss out on discussing with their children or topics that haunt our youth in general can be tackled through these street plays and change the society slowly into a better place to live in.

    Street Plays Under IPP VIIIth