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    In order to improve this situation of women’s in Delhi, the Delhi Commission for Women has planned to improve the grassroots presence of the 181 helpline.

    It has thus been decided by the DCW that now 181 helpline will be integrated with DCW’s Mobile Helpline also. The Mobile helpline offer crisis intervention and legal aid at community level and help to tackle marital disputes and violence against women. The 24-hour Mobile Helpline provides immediate relief to women in distress, the Helpline counselor either counsels the people involved in the incident or provides help in registering an FIR or acquire medical assistance for the woman in distress. If required the victim is rescued and often provided temporary shelter there. In case of severe crisis the Mobile Helpline van along with a counselor rescues the woman in distress and provides immediate assistance. The increase in the number of calls shows the growing awareness among women and other stakeholders about the service.

    The main cases handled by the MHL are:

    • Domestic and Dowry
    • Violence
    • Trafficking
    • sexual abuse
    • acid attack
    • eve teasing